Algerian dinar

Societe Generale Algeria (SGA) is a part of Societe Generale Group since 1999, with 86 branches, which 10 are business centers, 1,360 employees and more than 340,000 clients.

Today, SGA can provide your customers with the DZD to cover their local expenses and needs.

SGA package offers a range of customized products, in particular, LORO Account.

Advantages of DZD LORO account

Due to the fact the DZD LORO being a CEDAC account (Foreign Account in Algerian Convertible Dinars), you can transfer the DZD outside Algeria in Foreign Currency (FCY) Current Account at your convenience without any restriction.

LORO accounts are treated as accounts for Non-Resident entity which cannot benefit from any type of credit facilities. The offers available within the market are considered plain-vanilla offers based only on transaction flows.

An easy way to check your account

Our e-Banking system allows you to check your account balance on daily basis throughout the MT 940. Also, you receive the Debit/Credit advices automatically for each transaction.

RTGS transactions secured

The transactions are sent via the RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) system, which is fully managed by the country’s regulator, the Bank of Algeria.

We propose the most competitive LORO account solution in terms of pricing and quality of services regarding the ones offered by our competitors.

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