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Improvement of access to Societe Generale banking applications

As of 9 February 2015, Societe Generale’s unified portal will provide you with a simplified and secured access to banking applications.

For some applications, the updated portal will allow you to browse from an application to another using the unique authentication, also known as SSO (Single Sign-On).
This unique identification will be available for:

  • – WebClear CLS
  • – WebClear
  • – SogeSearch

In contrast, the other applications ((WebCheques, EasyBIC&IBAN, Alpha FX Trade, SogeCheque, SogeCash Web, SogeCash Net) will require a second identification.

How to access the new portal?

This new portal will replace the existing Websight portal. As of 9 February 2015, your applications will be reachable at the following link:

Authentication procedure

For the three applications available in SSO browsing, you will either access:

  • – standard authentication using an identifier and a secret code


  • – In strong authentication using an identifier and a numerical certificate

You will only require strong authentication to access the “Webclear orders” offer from the portal. This upcoming solution will be available in the context of an activity continuity plan in case of a failure in your order transmissions.

For other applications dedicated to Banks
, the authentication procedure remains unchanged. You will access the usual identification screens directly from the portal   using weblinks in the « Details » menu.

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