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The Cash Clearing Services Business Line held a seminar on April, 10th 2014 for the Banks & Financial Institutions located in France. This seminar took place at Hôtel Marriott Champs Elysées, Paris 08.

Emmanuel de Bouard, Global Head of Cash Clearing Services, explained the last evolutions of the Group, the Global Transaction Banking Department and the Cash Clearing Business Line.

This seminar was mainly dedicated to the situation, 2 months after the End Date, thematic having structuring consequences for our Clients, with:
– The feedback of our client BIA,
– Post End-Date Group’ solutions presented by Eric Troubac et Laurent Collinot from our Implementation team,
– Sylvain Dauge introduced interbank news,
– Cédric Le Moign and Olivier Miet had presented the last Cash Clearing Services offers.

This was also the opportunity to broach more general topics such as an overview of the Eurozone evolution by Clémentine Gallès, Societe Generale’s macro-financial studies manager.

80 people attended the seminar in a very interactive atmosphere, representing the Residents Banks & Financial Institutions.

The clients’ feedback in the provided questionnaires shows the entire satisfaction regarding the speakers and the approached topics.

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