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PAY FX, Our foreign currency payment solution in over 80 currencies


Our PAY FX solution is a tailored offer specially designed to optimise management of your customers’ payments in over 80 foreign currencies from your Societe Generale euros account.


Sending money: you will receive our exchange rates daily and you can send a payment that will arrive in the desired currency in the beneficiary’s account in 2 days, without a required minimum or maximum amount.


Receiving money: you don’t need to have a currency account at Societe Generale Paris to send a payment to your customer in the local currency (over 30 currencies available). Societe Generale converts it to euros and credits it to your account 2 days later to allow you to credit your customer in euros.


Thanks to PAY FX, your customers will no longer need to send the EUR, USD, etc. equivalent to the beneficiary or instructing party, eliminating the risk linked to the exchange rate currently applied by other banks. This makes cash management much easier.


Watch our video to learn more about PAY FX

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