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Regulatory Changes: Payment Services Directive 1 and 2

We remind you that the European Directive 2007/64 on Payment Services (PSD1), effective since November 2009, only allows “SHARE” option for the payment of banks’ charges.

This provision applies to payments made in a European Economic Area currency and when both the bank of the originator and the bank of the beneficiary are established inside the European Union (hereinafter “PSD payments”).

Except specific cases[1], “OUR” and “BEN” options for payment of bank’s charges are prohibited.


In order to strictly comply with this European Regulation, we inform you that since the beginning of June 2017, we have been automatically converting into “SHA” option, all your PSD payments sent with “OUR” or “BEN” options.


For the moment, this automatic conversion only applies to payments in the currencies of the European Economic Area. However, with the entry into force on January 13th, 2018 of the European Directive 2015/2366 on Payment Services (PSD2), the automatic conversion will apply to all currencies.


Please take all the necessary measures (particularly with regards to your clients) in order to fully comply with these European Regulations

[1] In case of currency conversion and until January 13th, 2018

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