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Secure Access, the enhanced security solution for WebClear orders

You are facing internal lock-down issues with USB ports and you are therefore looking for an alternative to security solutions requiring the use of a physical device?

Societe Generale can provide you with its Secure Access enhanced security solution for log in (strong authentication) and validating orders (strong validation) in WebClear.

Indeed, Secure Access is a security software solution without certificate, based on the Out of Band technology: it uses an encrypted secure channel which is completely separated from the WebClear channel.
Each time WebClear requests a validation from you (authentication, confirmation or signature of an order), you are prompted with a Secure Access pop-up requiring your confirmation by entering your secret code. Secure Access significantly reduces the risk of fraud compared to a traditional security solution using a virtual keyboard.

Intuitive, simple and quick to install, Secure Access could definitely meet your needs in terms of strong security solution. Do not hesitate to contact your Societe Generale’s relationship manager for more information.

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