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Societe Generale, SWIFT GPI’s member

GPIIPilot banks have successfully tested the core functions of gpi in bilateral scenarios, firstly with SWIFT and then with each other. The results of the final phase, consisting of penny tests in a live environment have also been very positive. In addition a number of more complex scenarios involving market infrastructures (EBA, Target2 and CHAPS) and corporates were also tested successfully thus opening the way for a smooth go-live scheduled for mid-February of this year.

17 banks will start exchanging live gpi messages one-to-one, supported by the Tracker , the “in the cloud” database that will provide end-to-end visibility of the status of a payment. During this first phase the Tracker will be accessed via a graphical user interface ( GUI ). In a second phase, by the end of May ,the Tracker will be accessible via MT199 and APIs.

Besides pilot banks a number of other major banks have confirmed their gpi go-live plans for 2017. Among them, Société Générale, with an expected go live just after the standard MT release ( SR17 ) of November 19.

To date 92 banks have joined the initiative.

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