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Our internet banking tool Webclear will have a new functionality added in October that will allow all our customers to track their payments in real time, thanks to the integration of the SWIFT gpi tracker.


Societe Generale has been live on SWIFT gpi since nearly a year and is already sending 30 % of its payments as gpi, with payments increasing day after day as new gpi banks go live. The “Standard Release” on 18 November – which will make the UETR (the Unique End-To-end Reference) mandatory in all SWIFT MT payment messages – should trigger a significant increase.


Societe Generale will then issue all its payments in accordance with “gpi” norm, allowing all its customers to enjoy an optimised experience: quicker processing, total transparency on fees and real-time traceability. Moreover, thanks to their access to Webclear, our operational teams will be able to provide an even better quality of service.


These gpi tracker notifications will be directly integrated in Webclear and will supplement payment statuses in real-time. In addition, new search criteria (UETR, SLA ID, gpi final statuses) will facilitate queries. These improvements will offer the option to view confirmed payments, rejected payments and payments being processed.


Webclear will also offer real-time access to the SWIFT gpi tracker* via its API connection. Customers will therefore benefit from greater transparency with regards to details on fees charged by all players in the payment chain, the intermediate status, or the rate applied when there is a currency conversion, even if they have not yet implemented SWIFT gpi.


In addition to this, new SWIFT gpi services that will be launched on 18 November will be viewable by connecting to the gpi tracker from Webclear. This includes the gCOV to track MT202COV messages for cover payments, and gSRP (Stop and Recall Payment) to stop payments in the event of fraud, duplication or a technical problem.


These developments make Webclear an even more essential tool to track transactions in real time. It reflects Societe Generale’s ambition to offer a constantly improving customer experience and excellence in payment processing.


* optional service, please contact your relationship manager for detailed information.

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