Payments in local currency to Africa

PAYAWAY: Sending to Africa payments in local currencies, at low cost, with no limit of amount.

How it works
You send MT103 on SOGEFRPP and specify in field 72 the country code and the payment method. Enter CREDIT to receive the transfer amount on your bank account or PUPID (Payment Upon Proper Identification) to withdraw the payment amount at a local agency. Société Générale debits your euro account and processes payment as STP.
An all-inclusive offer
With PayAway, you know exactly the date at which the payment is received, the transfer amount, and the payment cost. You can also choose the type of fees: BEN, SHA or OUR.
You can send local currencies to beneficiaries located in Africa. You know in advance, the amount of fees that you are charged with.
Société Générale becomes your single contact for all your currency payments and you beneficiate from our network of correspondents and local subsidiaries.

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