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Societe Generale SA Oddzial w Polsce is a part of Societe Generale Group since 1976 (Representative Office) and 1992 (Operational Branch) with 5 branches and 200 employees.

500,000 of outgoing transfers are executed per month.
50 Lori clients with 80,860 transactions realized in 2014.

Societe Generale S.A. Oddzial w Polsce addresses PLN cash clearing services to any bank doing operations in Polish Zloty (non-residents and resident banks and branches of credit institutions). The branch is a direct member of both Polish clearings systems:
• SORBNET2 (Polish RTGS operating through bank accounts open in books of National Bank of Poland);
• ELIXIR (an electronic clearing system of Polish Clearing Chamber /KIR/) dedicated to LVP (< PLN 1 mio) organized in 3 clearing sessions/day.)

PLN is a fully convertible currency. No restrictions are imposed on financial transactions.
Along with PLN the branch offers cash clearing services in other currencies through its Nostro accounts network: AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, EUR, DKK GBP, HUF, JPY, NOK, PLN, SEK and USD (subject to American AML regulations).

SWIFT payment formats accepted:
• Commercial Payments (MT103/MT103+/MT104),
• Treasury Payments (MT200/MT202/MT202COV).

Reporting outputs upon customer request:
• MT940, MT950, MT942, MT900/MT910 (passive mood - reception only) and paper base monthly interest report (Numbers),
• Online services web tool is not available,
• Cheques collection in PLN and cash letter services in EUR, USD and GBP available.

Benefits from doing PLN clearing with Societe Generale Branch in Poland:
• Strong position on Polish inter-bank market;
• One of top 5 licensed Primary Dealers for Polish Treasury securities;
• Execution of payment orders on same value date (for payment orders received within CoT – 12h00 CET);
• Booking of incoming transfers until closing of the market (by 4.00 pm CET);
• No deductions made from transfer amounts;
• Flexibility and take care of clients expectations.

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