Russian Ruble


Rosbank is a part of Societe Generale Group since 2006, with 550 branches, 12 000 clients and more than 3.4 million clients.

• RUB payments originated by the foreign banks show an impressive growth.
Total 2013 volume reached 10,160 GEUR in EUR eq. (YtY +29.0%),
Average balance – 1.7 GEUR (YtY -11.3%).
• For RUB settlements foreign banks have to choose a local provider of RUB clearing services.
• Rosbank is among Top 5 RUB Clearers for Foreign Banks by number of active accounts.

Key Rosbank strengths
• Part of Societe Generale Group – recognized as distinguished provider of EUR and USD clearing in 2013 by FImetrix which means global reciprocity management and high standards of service for potential clients.
• Over 150 client banks with 180 Lori accounts in Russian Rubles.
• Network coverage across all several regions of Russia and all time zones.
• Strong financials:
⇨ Assets: 19 452 MEUR,
⇨ Equity 2 882 MEUR,
⇨ No. 7 in Russia by equity.
• Extensive experience of servicing international clients.

RUB offer features
• Same day value within the cut-off time.
• Guaranteed commissions and fees.
• Full assistance with account opening including registration with local Tax Authorities translation of payment details into English.
• Intra-day overdraft – free of charge.
• Starting second half 2014 – extended cut-off time till 21.00 MCT.
• Reporting: SWIFT MT210, MT900, MT910, MT940, MT942, MT950.
• Document exchange including correspondence, competitive Terms & Conditions.

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