SEPA Payments

Processing of non-urgent transfer in EUR within the SEPA area.

SEPA area
SEPA is an area where economic actors (citizens and corporates) can send and receive payments in Euro under the same basic conditions, rights and obligations, within 32 countries in Europe. SEPA payment instruments are SCT (SEPA Credit Transfer) and SDD (SEPA Direct Debit)
Characteristics of SEPA payment instruments
• Non-urgent credits and debits in euro between 2 accounts located in the SEPA area
• Identifies the ordering party and the beneficiary by an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and by the Bank Identifier Code (BIC)
• Obligation d’indiquer le code BIC de la banque du bénéficiaire (champ 57) et l’IBAN du bénéficiaire (champ 59)
• No alteration of the transfer amount (fees must be attributed separately on the client’s account).
• Shared fees between the ordering party and the beneficiary
• Use of bank-to-bank XML syntax and ISO 20022 standards
Our XML offers
You are able to send and receive orders in XML syntax, and you adhered to SEPA schemes with EPC, after auto-certification tests? Then, you are SEPA Compliant and can benefit from our intermediation offer.

You are not able to process ISO 20 022 XML format yet but you can send SWIFT MT103 messages?
Then, you can benefit from our XML optimisation offer with format conversion in order to reach the beneficiary bank.
• Société Générale becomes your entry point for all your payments
• Easiest implementation
• Competitive handling fees
• Possibility to send unitary or mass payments

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