EUR Payments

SUREPAY: To send your euro payments towards many countries, in a simple way and with no surprises.

An all-inclusive and flexible rate : an adjustable price, which can be determined country by country or a unique price for a whole geographical area.

A sure bet
You send all your payments at a unique and all-inclusive price.
We will invoice you the price that we have negotiated together, which will be your only payment charge.
If an intermediary bank requests some charges, Societe Generale will pay that bank and will not charge you back.
Plain and simple
A single price for an extended zone and/or individualized by country.
Two large zones: Europe (EU/EEA) and the rest of the world. You may choose all the eligible countries, only a few selected countries or even a single one.
No obligation: you may continue to send us your payments through the usual channel, or use SurePay towards an eligible country. All you will have to do is just format your payment according to the provided guidelines.
Flexibility for you and your clients
Supports OUR, BEN and SHA charging options.
According to your choice or that of your client, you may opt for BEN charges (paid by the beneficiary) or SHA charges (shared charges). With these options, the charges are debited from the payment amount.
You may also opt for the OUR charge option: in that case, the charges are borne by the ordering customer. We will debit your account of the price of the payment (or we will send you an invoice) and the beneficiary will receive the full payment amount. This is ideal for tuition charges, vehicle purchase, etc.

+ Société Générale

Take advantage of our extensive network and the prices we have negotiated.
Your Relationship Manager will remain your unique entry point, SurePay included, allowing you to benefit from a tailor-made offer.

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