Send your payment orders in a simple and secure way from our web interface.

Our new web interface allows you to send SWIFT payment orders as efficiently as you would from your SWIFT workstation.
It is compatible with MT103, MT200, MT202 and MT202COV messages. You may initiate payment orders in EUR or in any other of the available currencies.
Different levels of access: an input profile will enable your teams to input orders in the system, and another profile will let their supervisors check and validate the orders. A consultation profile is also available, only to view the orders (validated or awaiting validation).
Other functionalities include the ability to save an order to reuse it as a template, the possibility to send back an order to its initiator to modify it or to cancel it. It is also possible to export an order in PDF format (to print it or file it, for example).
The orders are checked, filtered and processed in exactly the same way than all the payments that go through Societe Generale’s system.
This new channel will prove very useful if you are a non-SWIFT bank. You can also choose to use it as a secondary channel if your SWIFT station is down or in case you have to deploy an emergency backup procedure.

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